Invisible Campaign

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 ‘Invisible’ is built from my initial project ‘Trauma’ which touched on my personal experiences in an abusive relationship and the emotions this conveyed. The Trauma project is generally themed as a bolder, bloody piece that concentrates on destruction and violence.

Throughout my research I began to feel disheartened that there are few campaigns and awareness for gay male domestic abuse. However just because it is not being made aware does not mean that it isn’t happening. In fact ManKing Initiative state that there are double the cases of gay or bi-sexual abuse than that of heterosexual male abuse.

My research engendered me to create the Invisible Campaign. Focusing on male victims, predominantly in same sex relationships. ‘Invisible’ is how it feels being in a relationship like this, your family sometimes don’t know. You’re invisible to the general public, as a male walking down the road with bruises and cuts over your face you’re more likely to be looked at as someone who has been in a fight. Not as someone that may be suffering inside. The invisible builds not only the physical violence but also on the notion of solitude in the relationship and isolation from friends and family, mental and also sexual abuse.