Trauma was created for my third year pilot project at University. It is based on the emotions that I felt during an abusive relationship with my ex partner that engendered some of the most exhausting experiences of my life. I was inspired by Ana Mendieta who would transform her body by adding things such as facial hair, feathers, mud and blood. Also, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, who’s work on mutilation, trauma and enduring themes of pain which is often seen in a clinical content. Reflecting a message of despair and disappointment. Other artists who’ve influenced my work are Marina Abramovic, Franko B, Rony Athy, Marcel Duchamp, Paul McCarthy and Gunter Brus.

I created a performance piece documenting the removal of bandages to reveal my naked body covered in blood. The representation of the removal of the bandages to become ‘free’ of the suffocating relationship. I was reborn through blood. Blood that was spilt by both of us.

The first photos shot for the performance piece where then used to cover the walls of where my ex partner and I lived together. Symbolising repetition of abusive events. Although physical violence was a part of the relationship, other aspects of abuse have been approached in my project Invisible Campaign which continues to look more deeply at emotional torment.

The final photograph combines a more cinematic, staged look rather than solely being a performance piece. Glitches were introduced as a representation to the changes in my personalty, by reducing the quantity of blood and bandages I was able to detach the project from a clinical representation.

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